things ive made

Recently, (and by recently I mean about an hour and a half ago as of writing this.) I completed my first game jam, along with a few others.

click here

Go check it out!

A bit ago a friend of mine got me really into keyboards. And after a bit of saving up I bought all the parts for a custom keyboard and built it myself. It is a YC66 with Jade Box Kalih switches and some random keycaps I found off of Amazon. The process was documented on my Instagram, and as of September 15th 2021 I am currently waiting for another keyboard to come in, KDB67 with JWK Lavenders, and some keycaps from Aliexpress. I really had a lot of fun building this keyboard, and it is so much nicer than a regular one! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use a regular keyboard again.